Born in Brazil I moved to Canada in 2008 with my family. I play guitar since I'm 8 years old and during all my life I wrote more than 300 songs but just close friends and family had the chance to listen some of them.


In 80's and 90's I played in different local bands in Brazil to have some money while finished my studies in Biology. After contribute substancialy with our "god damned society" as a bilogist, father, husband, taxpayer, citzen and 'whatever society impose to us',  I decide two years ago, record properly my songs and show them beyond the limits of "my fences".


I don't have influent friends or enough money to produce or promote professionaly my art but creativity never was a problem. I build a small studio at home and tried to learn a little about copyrights and song prodution just to be abble to publish my songs with some quality. Life is too short to wait "the right moment" to do something. I decide the right moment for me is "NOW" and now it is!!!


I don't want to invent or reinvent a new style of music or be the founder of a new era in the song industry... ...I want just play my songs and show them to people. If they like them... ...oh, that will be a great extra feature!! But what I reaaly want is just... sing my songs in peace!!!


Thank you for those being part of this!!

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