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Born in Brazil I moved to Canada in 2008. Music is my safe place where I can reinvent what I see and live. Since my childhood I wrote more than 300 songs but just close friends and family had the chance to listen some of them.

In 80's and 90's I played in different local bands in Brazil but only in 2012 I decide to record what only my family and close friends knew. It was hard to change everything to learn how to record, mix and produce a final studio version for my songs at the same time, it was an amazing journey of self commitment and self-knowledge. After contribute substancialy with our "god damned society" as a bilogist, father, husband, taxpayer, citzen and 'whatever society impose to us', it was time to humbly show my poetry beyond the limits of "my fences".

I'm definitely not doing this to please a niche or to fit in what people want to listen. In the end I think that my music exist because is my way to show to myself that I'm alive and that's it! Life is too short to wait "the right moment" to do something and definitely I think the right moment for me is "NOW" and now it is!!!

I don't want to invent or reinvent things... ...I want just play my songs and show them to people. If they like them... ...oh, that will be a really nice surprise, but in the end of the day, i just want to play my guitar and sing my little songs in peace!!!

Thank you for those being part of this!!

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